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Travel Stories: Dairy Belle, Poutine, and a plumbing nightmare

Bonjour les amis. I have a great story about my recent travels from Canada to Florida. My friends and I decided to take a wonderful  trip to Florida for a few days since the weather in Canada is starting to get to that ruthless cold only eskimo’s can tolerate. We know that there is a big French-Canadian community that travels to a very specific in Florida, Hollywood. We wanted to be in amazing weather and be around people that felt like home.


We got to our location that we found on air bnb and settled in a slept in that night after that flight. The next day we went to Giorgio’s for breakfast and soaked up the sun 🙂 After that we went back to our place and decided to shower and relax before heading out to lunch at this local and highly recommended French Canadian restaurant called Dairy Belle. We went there and had the most amazing poutine that could definitely compete with the poutine from Canada. I also took an amazing Galvaude that was to die for after we experienced the nightmare that was awaiting us back at our place.

We opened the door and were immediately shocked and annoyed but what we saw……..

Water EVERY WHERE! Apparently a pipe supplying water to the toilet had given out and we were caught in a crazy shit storm of trying to soak up this water with towels and, trying to reach the owner. We were all freaking out because we really could not believe it. Naturally in that instance like anyone would do, we called Roto Rooter to come out and help us, but they could not get some one there. We needed something like NOW!! We couldn’t wait so we found someone else on Google. These guys were so fast and efficient. They came out and solved the problem in no time. They also gave us a tourist discount and helped us clean up the water with their water vacuums.

I honestly could not have asked for  a better company to take care of us amidst our mini catastrophe. If any of our lovely Quebec friends ever head down here for your Canadian fling in the sun, contact these guys. They were amazing and super fast and professional.

I promised them a quick mention on my blog since they were so amazing!

Back to our Floridian escapade……


Dairy Belle Dairy Belle Dairy Belle…. Please try out this humble and flavorful restaurant in Hollywood Fl if you go to Florida this winter.dairy-belle

Anyways, we will be making another trip to Florida perhaps in December. Until then, Bonjour and keep in touch with us through email.

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